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Submitting feedback and suggestions to Hulu

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Friday, November 24 2017, 03:51 AM
Hello Friends

You want to improve your Hulu experience? What a coincidence – so do we!
Whether it’s an improvement to our user interface or a new show you want to be added to our streaming library, we want to hear your thoughts. We believe that listening to our viewers is an indispensable part of building a better Hulu for everyone.
You can head to the Hulu Community to vote on existing suggestions – or, if you don't see your idea there already, create your own!
Submission tips
We want your voice to be heard by key decision makers across Hulu. You can make your feedback more effective by focusing each new post on a single suggestion that we can act upon.
That way, when we pass along your idea to other teams at Hulu, they’re able to see exactly what change you want and how passionate people are about it. Even if you’re mad about something – that’s okay. Help us help you by articulating what’s causing the frustration and what we can do about it. If it’s more than one idea – create more than one post!
Community guidelines
We’ll be actively moderating the Community in order to ensure that your ideas are being delivered to teams across Hulu as effectively and productively as possible.
In order to accurately gauge the amount of interest in each idea, we’ll merge similar suggestions into one central thread and combine their vote totals.
Moderators may remove posts that violate our Terms of Service by, among other things, including vulgarity, threats, or inappropriate messages directed towards Hulu employees. Thanks for understanding these guidelines and helping to contribute to the conversation to redefine TV.


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