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How to resolve Roku com link Activation Error Codes - Roku Error Code

You know Roku digital player is very simple to setup and activate roku.com/link. But sometimes Roku users have troubles during the Roku setup and installation, Roku connectivity, and Roku link activation. These problems could be error codes such as Roku error code 001, 003, 009,011 and 014. If you are facing all these types of errors during Roku setup or installation, we provides the solution of all these Roku error codes, solution is given below:

Solution for Roku error code 001:
You can follow the following steps to solve Roku error code 001 problem -
• Firstly you can press “Home” button for five times.
• Now you can press “Fast Forward” button only for three times.
• Then you can click on “Rewind” button only for 2 times.
• After that you can press “OK” button from your Roku remote control.
• After installation of Roku software, restart your Roku streaming player and then connect to the internet (WI-FI or Wired) connection.
• Hope, your error code 001 will be resolved.

Solution for Roku error code 011:
You can follow the following steps to resolve error code 011 problem -
• Select menu setting -> and then select network option.
• Now you have need to Roku setup again by enter roku code
• Then choose your network connection it could be either cable or Wi-Fi connection -> enter your selected network password.
• After that your Roku device is working fine. Then your error 011 has been resolved.
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