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And … we’re off!

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Paul GordonWelcome to The Peorian. We are a multi-faceted medium focusing on Peoria's past, present and future in digital, printed and even broadcast formats, all for the purpose of bringing you some news you probably aren't getting elsewhere. Or if you are – say, a story all the media is covering – we will try and look for different angles or just plain say it better.

The web site, ThePeorian.com, really isn't complete yet as we will be adding more items – some informational, some fun, some interactive. But we wanted to get it out and let our friends and readers get a glimpse of what is coming.

Today's launch of our web site, ThePeorian.com, is but the first leg. Our first printed magazine – there will be six of them a year – comes out on Sept. 1 and our first television program of the same title will be broadcast at 8 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 18 on WHOI-TV. Both of those will be put on this website, as well, after they hit the newsstands and airwaves.

We've been busy, huh? Now we need to hear from you, our readers. One way to communicate is by contacting me at paul@thepeorian.com. I would like to hear your ideas for stories or for you to tell me about a neighbor or friend who has an interesting story to tell about themselves.

Another way to communicate is by the interactive message board you see on this page. You have to register with us to interact, but that is to protect you as much as to protect The Peorian and our parent company, AdCo Advertising Agency.

You won't find daily police blotters or court happenings here. The daily overdosing of bad news won't be here, either. We are not going to try and compete with the daily newshounds of Peoria, be it the mainstream media or the bloggers who do such a good job of that.

Our own expectation for The Peorian is to inform you about your fellow Peorians, about things going on in the entire region, about stories that are positive, entertaining and even inspiring.

We're all about Peorians and the Peoria region.