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'Like' us, then help a non-profit agency

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The Peorian is pleased with the number of people who have gone on Facebook and said they "like" our page.

We want more.

We also want more people to go to our website,, and participate on our message forum.

Yes, we are getting a growing number of readers, but I guess you could say we're a greedy lot over here because we are not satisfied. We want more readers.

Therefore, we have a little proposition for you; a proposition whereby you help us gain readers and registered users while helping charity gain funds.

We want you to go to our Facebook page and press the "like" button. It's that simple. Once the number of "likes" reaches 1,000 our parent company, AdCo Advertising Agency, will donate $100 to a non-profit agency. It could be Friendship House for its food pantry, which we will admit is one of our favorites, or Easter Seals. It could be St. Jude or perhaps The Children's Home.

If it reaches 2,000 "likes" I will personally donate another $100.

The thing is, there are so many non-profits out there we can't decide which one would get the money. That's where you, our readers, can help.

After you press "like" on our Facebook page, take a few more minutes to go on our website — — and become a registered user. Then you can access our message forum and cast your vote for which non-profit agency should get our donation.

We've said here before that our website and publication, The Peorian magazine that is published every other month, will go heavy into talking about and on behalf of non-profits and the arts.

Consider, for example, we will hand out the inaugural The Peorian of the Year Award next April and part of that award will be a $10,000 donation to the non-profit that the award winner selects. Our readers will again get to be involved as they will vote on one of five finalists for the award and therefore that finalist's chosen charity during the month of March.

By the way, nominations for The Peorian of The Year Award are being taken now on our website. All you have to do is click on The Peorian of the Year on the home page and you'll be taken to an on-line nomination form.

Nominations will be accepted until 11:59:59 on Dec. 31, then the five finalists will be chosen and identified, including their charity of choice.

So you see, as we continue to become more community oriented we will ask the community to interact with us in positive ways, for positive reasons. It is but one more way we at The Peorian will celebrate Peoria.

Who knows, if the number of "likes" of our Facebook pages continues to grow, we might just get our parent to cough up some more cash for charity.

Paul Gordon is editor of The Peorian. He can be reached at 692-7880 or

About the Author
Paul Gordon is the editor of The Peorian after spending 29 years of indentured servitude at the Peoria Journal Star. He’s an award-winning writer, raconteur and song-and-dance man. He also went to a high school whose team name is the Alices (that’s Vincennes Lincoln High School in Indiana; you can look it up).