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Streight: Do you suffer from FCD?

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How much of your life revolves around Facebook?

Are you in danger of losing your mind to Facebook Compulsion Disorder?

Take this quiz and see how deeply entrenched in your brain you have allowed Facebook to become.

If you answer YES to 3 or more of the following statements, you may have Facebook Compulsion Disorder.

(1) The first and last thing I do every day is check Facebook.

(2) I cannot imagine what life was like prior to Facebook.

(3) If my Facebook account was hijacked due to my dumb behavior, like using a rogue app, and I was unable to get my account back, I'd be devastated.

(4) I argue on Facebook about personal issues going on with people I don't even know.

(5) I give life-altering advice on Facebook to people I don't even know.

(6) I get irritable when I'm unable to access Facebook or work some Facebook function on my cell phone (like upload photos or copy and paste text).

(7) I get angry if on Facebook someone posts a comment on my status update that disagrees with my opinion or tastes, even if I state them in an inflammatory, combative manner.

(8) I like to express myself on Facebook with great vigor and zeal, but am annoyed when people challenge or criticize what I say.

(9) Facebook is my primary method of communicating with others.

(10) I don't want to meet in the real world anybody I interact with on Facebook; it would be that "when worlds collide" situation George Castanza wanted to avoid (mixing Married George with Your Friend George) on Seinfeld.

(11) I am deeply suspicious of anyone who's not on Facebook.

(12) I know all my Facebook friends eagerly look forward to my status updates and love to know my every mood and move.

(13) I feel a compulsion to respond to everything I see on Facebook that I either agree with or disagree with.

(14) I'm happy or sad, depending on what my most recent experience on Facebook was like.

About the Author
Steven Streight is a man of many skills. He’s a talented writer, web content developer, internet marketing consultant and photographer. He’s a trustee on the Peoria Historical Society, a member of SCORE Peoria and the author of the Peoria technology history book, “Bicycle Fever.” In his downtime, he’s hangs out with his beloved Min Pin and tries to get some rest. Considering how involved he is in the community, it sounds like he could use as much as he can get.