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Streight: “Redskins” Problem Solved by Business Transformative Marketing

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Business Transformative Marketing is grass roots customer interaction supplying the sales pitches and promotional ideas, the sales approach, brochure language, blog post topics, and website content direction.

The business is then adapting, modifying and improving itself, according to the customers, rather than imposing a product upon them. It reflects the audience, so that customers’ needs, questions, and interests shape the corporation to its deepest core. Certainly in every department and in every employee. Everyone's always in training to keep pace with emerging user problems and trending desires, conversations, news reports.

Business Transformative Marketing looks at what the customer's problems are and then declares, “This is what our product must be and how we represent it!”

It requires a genuine empathy with customers, a sympathetic sensibility that relentlessly craves deeper understanding of their frustrations and dreams. This requires total devotion to a fanatic focus on what customers are saying and doing, in real life and social media, in their interactions with sales teams and service staff. It gives an organization an unfair advantage – a superiority that cannot be easily imitated and implemented.

The reverse of this is the too common command and control mentality, where all the brainy ideas come from the top and are forced upon everybody else down the line from management to sales desk to customer.

Business Transformative Marketing, continually improving the product and corporate culture by continually merging with the changing landscape of customer needs and interests, provides a rich treasure of insights that will catch your competition off guard and leave them befuddled. By letting the customer influence the company to its very core, the company and customer base become one living, moving, growing entity. Customer loyalty and satisfaction become a fortress from which to pound the competition.

How can Business Transformative Marketing help in the Redskins sports team situation?

The Washington Redskins sports team has to suddenly, and wholeheartedly, become something it's not. Reversed. Opposite. Totally different. The organization has to move powerfully and quickly into a zone that it was not prepared for, but necessity has forced it upon them: Champions of Diversity.

This is what the mood of much of the country wants. Even if “redskins” is not resented by some Native Americans, still, the team needs to change its identity and do it fast, while the controversial situation is still a trending topic. It must strike while the viral iron is hot.

To be marketable, the team has to change, reverse its direction, and become the new champion of Native Americans, Asians, Hispanics, Eskimo, Cajun, Bavarian, Ethiopian, Baltic, Malaysian, Samoan, Swiss, all types of peoples. Lead the way and turn public perception upside down.

Without beating yourself up, with no troubled sob story or flowery written apology, simply start right now to present a new face to the public. Completely reverse, instantly and pervasively, the old tradition and usher in boisterously a new vision for the sports team formerly known as the Redskins.

Get the media and fans involved with the changes. Have a contest for a new name, new anthem song, new mascot, new uniforms, new logo, new slogans, all it resulting in a radical NEW CORPORATE CULTURE that makes the team look super progressive, with a bright new anthropological perspective on all indigenous cultures and people groups.

Lead the way into the opposite of what you were and how you were perceived.

The product is redefined, rebranded, renewed, and redistributed. While the company is genuinely evolved to embrace and celebrate diversity. What was once your Achilles heel is now your shining sword. If it's sincere, genuine, heartfelt, and committed, the brand/culture transformation can benefit everyone and add something good to this world.


About the Author
Steven Streight is a man of many skills. He’s a talented writer, web content developer, internet marketing consultant and photographer. He’s a trustee on the Peoria Historical Society, a member of SCORE Peoria and the author of the Peoria technology history book, “Bicycle Fever.” In his downtime, he’s hangs out with his beloved Min Pin and tries to get some rest. Considering how involved he is in the community, it sounds like he could use as much as he can get.