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Streight: The Technological Illusion

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When you buy into the hoax that technology is empowering, invincible, and inevitable, remember this: the attack on the World Trade Center on 9-11 was accomplished with... box cutters.

Yes, airplanes were also involved, but the primary tool that got the terrorist attack done via those jets was a wimpy little knife that is pathetic to anyone with self-defense training or the will to triumph.

Dude, if someone threatened me with a freaking box cutter, I'd spit in their face and ram it up where the sun don't shine. A box cutter? Might as well try to attack me with a Q-tip, slide rule, or fingernail clipper.

You'd better stop trusting in the Technological Imperative. Technology is not the answer to much of anything. We and other living entities survived without technology for thousands, some say millions, of years.

You need to discover that you can survive quite well without a smart phone, computer, electricity, music, art, drugs, government -- all the things you think you're hopelessly dependent on. It's a joke. You've been brainwashed.

We don't need robots. We don't need the internet. We don't need TV. We don't need celebrities. We don't need video games. We don't need Big Pharma, Big Government, Big Agriculture, Big Business, Big Military. We don't need society.

We can survive without any of it. We don't really need any of the things you've been hoodwinked into adoring and exalting. And someday, all these things may suddenly vanish.

Can you learn how to trust in Mind? Can you learn how to, if necessary, exist without any weapons, communication devices, or federal assistance?

There is a gigantic backlash coming.

As more and more people become dumbed down and dependent on artificial externals, be it government or corporations, there is a sweeping movement to negate all of it. The human spirit is free from all limitations if we know how to operate Mind effectively and cooperate with Nature.

You may think this is wishful thinking. You may think this is all theoretical, abstract, or mystical. It's not. Your intellect, by reading this, is already adjusting to the truth of what I'm saying. It's so totally different from all your beliefs and expectations.

There are realities hovering above you right now that you previously could not imagine in a million years.

Let GMOs, NSA, and TSA and all the other BS spread over the globe. In the end, they are all irrelevant.

Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.

About the Author
Steven Streight is a man of many skills. He’s a talented writer, web content developer, internet marketing consultant and photographer. He’s a trustee on the Peoria Historical Society, a member of SCORE Peoria and the author of the Peoria technology history book, “Bicycle Fever.” In his downtime, he’s hangs out with his beloved Min Pin and tries to get some rest. Considering how involved he is in the community, it sounds like he could use as much as he can get.