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Peoria's Past will be a Big Part of its Future

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Drive down Washington Street now and it's not a real pretty sight. North of the State Street intersection is currently dominated by construction of the Museum Square project; it's hard to notice much of anything else heading that direction.

South of the State Street intersection there is one old brick building after another, in varied conditions, and the streetscape is ... well, kind of ugly. With narrow and crumbling sidewalks and curbs and the lack of anything living – be it plant or human – it's noticeable, even if you're not looking for it.

It won't be long, comparatively speaking, before all that changes. Museum Square is just over a year from completion, to be adorned by contemporary structures that will house the new
Peoria Riverfront Museum and the Caterpillar Visitor's Center. Washington Street near there will be redone and landscaped.

In the other direction Pat Sullivan's dream of 20-plus years will begin to take shape.

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