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Kizer Party of Four

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"Kizer: Party of Four" is the Peorian's take on restaurant reviews. Kevin Kizer, a columnist for The Peorian, and three other diners will visit local restaurants and, instead of ordering off the menu, will ask each chef to put together a three-course menu for the diners.

The idea is to give your restaurant the opportunity to put its best, most-creative foot forward. Along with Kevin, there may be a unifying theme behind who the other diners are (e.g. three local politicos or three Bradley professors) or they might just be three hungry friends.

During the dinner, we will be recording the discussion of the diners, catch the ambience of your restaurant, and of course, show your fine culinary creations in all their glory. We will also shoot behind the scenes footage of each chef and crew preparing the meals, allowing them to explain what they are creating and why.

The final edited review (approximately 20 minutes long) will appear a few days later on the Peorian website and Facebook page.
In addition, we'll tease the restaurant preview in the upcoming edition of the Peorian in hopes that our readers will come see what a dining experience at your restaurant is all about!

Only one restaurant will be featured in each edition of the Peorian, with the video remaining on the website until the next edition is published.

Hurry! Our culinary calendar is filling up.

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