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I've Decided motivation conference kicks off campaign

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Kim Martin recognizes that most of us have dreams of improving ourselves, our looks, our lots in life, our homes … whatever it may be. She hears it and sees it each day at Curves Peoria, the fitness and nutrition center she owns.

She was there herself, once. She is now a successful business owner. And that is also why this Alabama native and Peoria transplant is ready to help others realize their dreams and achieve their goals through motivation and resources they otherwise may not know about.

Martin has started I’ve Decided Because I Can, a campaign aimed at individuals  ̶  men and women  ̶  who may need a gentle push or a good kick in the tail to get them moving toward completing their goals. The first step, she said, it to change one’s mindset from “I’ll try” to “I’ve decided”. It is a process people need to know about before they can be successful, Martin said.

“I want to motivate people to make a lifestyle choice, to realize their dreams don’t have to be only dreams. They can do it, they can reach their goals with the right motivation and the resources they need to take those important steps to success,” she said.

Her first endeavor is the I’ve Decided Motivation Conference, which is Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Peoria Civic Center. As of midday Thursday more than 300 had registered for the conference, which costs $69 for one or $99 for two people. Pre-registration is available and encouraged at www.ivedecided.org.

Martin said 15 percent of the proceeds from the conference will be donated to South Side Mission.

Keynote speaker will be comedian and motivation speaker Derrick Tennant, whose topic is “Thinking on the Right Side.”

Other speakers will be Martin, who will teach her D.E.C.I.D.E. method of self-mprovement; local breast cancer survivor Katie Parker, Tess Denton, Daryl Carlson (founder of Your Brain Unlimited), and pastor and “coach” Mark Doebler of Second Chance Church. There also will be a panel discussion headed by Gina Morss-Fischer and a panel of local success stories.

To date 25 businesses have signed on to I’ve Decided as resources that participants can tap while take the steps toward achieving their goals. These resources are in a variety of areas, including health and fitness, nutrition, financial well-being, music, house and home, medical, performance coaching, and real estate. Martin welcomes other businesses to join on, as well.

“I feel like I have some information that can help people reach their goals and the same is true for many, many other businesses. They can be valuable resources. Like me these are other very passionate local business owners. Also like me, they have limited fund to market themselves, so they are using this opportunity to join with others to help others,” Martin said.

That fits in with the I’ve Decided mission statement: "I’ve Decided is a campaign powered by area businesses and organizations. Our goal is to lead by example, provide ongoing resources, and motivate the people of our community to successfully complete a positive lifestyle choice. This community-wide effort of personal improvement will impact positive change throughout our city."

Martin said there have been some misperceptions about the conference she wants to clear up. Since she owns two Curves franchises many people thought the conference was all about health and fitness. “It certainly is a part of it, but by no means is it the only focus. We have a dream list on our website that runs from taking care of yourself to going back to school to learning to play an instrument to starting a business. Another misperception was that it is for women. It is for anybody. In fact there are as many men signed up as there are women,” she said.

The dream list, to which Martin invites participants to add their own, includes a large range of goals.

Martin’s personal motivation, she said, was the desire to help others reach their goals. “I feel that if you want others to be good at something, teach it. If you want to be good at something, teach it. I feel this was something I was supposed to do and I want to be successful myself,” she said.

She knows of no other businesses with the same concept and hopes this is something that can catch on. “I already motivate and encourage people every day and there are others that do, as well. Maybe this can catch on. I am a dreamer. I believe a good idea can go a long way,” she said.

Martin said this conference will be only the first of many events she will schedule with motivating people the prime reason. They will include sessions on training for your first 5K, creating your own vision board, learning to manage your finances and health and nutrition.

For more information about the conference and about I’ve Decided, visit www.ivedecided.org.


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