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Is it just me or is anyone else upset because Valentine decorations and assorted merchandise started to appear in stores on December 26th?

It seems the world is rushing to move on to the next event, the next big occurrence, the next holiday. It seems we all are losing sight of where we are "in the moment."

Perhaps it's my psychology background, but it seems this type of marketing keeps everyone running at a fast pace, never being able to relax and enjoy where we are at any particular time or space.

I was just starting to calm down after the holidays and then I wandered into Walgreens and saw Valentine's cards, red stuffed animals and thousands of bags of candy with hearts, arrows and bows. I quickly realized that Valentine's Day was just around the corner and I'd have to start another mailing and gift purchasing frenzy. I had just put away all the bows and wrapping paper and now I had to consider purchasing new paper to wrap Valentine's gifts.

If that wasn't driving me crazy enough, I realized there was no time to write about post holiday depression or anything to do with winter blues... I had to start focusing on relationship articles for Valentine's Day. I felt my body start to shake and tremble, feeling like I was already behind schedule for the next upcoming event.

With a giant scream, I held on to my kitchen table and told myself I had to get a grip on things.

It's really bizarre when you try to get a grip on your own frenzied behaviors. I began to wonder about strange things... how long had that candy been sitting in the back room waiting to be put on the shelves? When did they have to make that Valentine candy to have it ready to put out on December 26th? And why does Sam's Club have its garden goods already? Why would I need a table for my patio or new pots for my flowers when it's snowing today?

Well, I'm taking a stand... I am not going to not be pushed into being future-oriented. I want to enjoy the first snow with wonderment. I am determined to enjoy each day in January and live "in the moment." I refuse to be caught up in the frenzy and want to enjoy making a fire in the fireplace. I won't get near that enticing Valentine's candy and I'm sticking to my New Year's resolution, no matter how enticing those brilliant red boxes of candy look. I am going to relax and not get anxious about making sure I have the perfect Valentine's card before they are all gone (besides, last year I think I bought two sets of cards because I misplaced the first set because I bought them so early!)

I hope you'll join me and slow down and enjoy the day. Focus on where you are "in this moment" and allow yourself to feel grateful for all of your blessings. Enjoy the gentle cooling breeze on your face and smile as the sun peeks out this morning to greet you.

Today is not worth losing because it will never come again!

Joy Miller, Ph.D, is an internationally known licensed psychotherapist, trainer and author. She is the founder and president of Joy Miller & Associates.
Contact her at (309) 693-8200 or

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