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Molly Crusen Bishop: Bianca Tyler is a Bright Spot

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Bianca Tyler, the host of the nationally syndicated radio talk show “Let’s Talk”, is a three-time, award- winning television journalist and was once a news anchor on one of the nation’s first interactive news shows on WMBD-TV called The Morning Mix in Peoria, Illinois in the 1990s. She has walked the walk of extremes in her life and is an authentic source of advice. She possesses an energy that is both positive and contagious.

Bianca’s parents were immigrants who began their family lives with practically nothing in their pockets. They began the American dream in a tiny apartment and worked extremely hard to build a life filled with success. They showed Bianca and her sister how to overcome obstacles and use what they have been given in life and to work diligently to build upon that foundation.

Her father owned six successful companies and would bring his girls to work with him regularly. Both parents showed them they would always have time for them and gave them uninterrupted attention.  Her father would stop a board meeting if she or her sister walked into the room and make them feel important. He took time to talk to them, which made a permanent impact on how Bianca lives her life.

Bianca is intelligent and driven as well as beautiful on the inside and the outside. She is a former Miss Connecticut, which she called a great honor, but the Miss America program did not propel her career; she credits her parents’ teachings of work ethic and tenacity as the backbone of her successful career.

She’s a graduate of Fairfield University and took broadcasting classes at New York University and literature at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, as well as the Institute of Shipboard Education through the University of Pittsburgh. She is also a graduate of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, where she later taught broadcasting classes. "I learned journalism, audio-visua editing, sound board controls, commercial copy writing, etc. I learned everything I could about radio and television behind the scenes and in front of a microphone and a camera,” she said.

“I made a resume reel with samples of my on-air television work and I sent it out nationwide,” said Bianca.  “I was hired by a television station in Texas and was later promoted to two other stations. I loved the Lone Star State.”

She was hired at WMBD-TV in Peoria in 1997 to co-anchor the noon newscast with Rusty Dunn and to anchor the news on The Morning Mix with Jeff Lamb, Doc Watson, and Darin Adams. The Morning Mix was one of the country’s first interactive morning shows. People could call in or email while the show was live on air and the show also had a weekly audience. Being a part of these shows was her absolute favorite part of being in Peoria. 

“I loved meeting the viewers and the children who watched the program. The children called in regularly and often made me cards, of which I kept them all. One viewer even knitted me a blanket with two dozen roses on it.  We would also go to the ice hockey games and go onto the ice at half time and do meet and greets with the viewers,” she said fondly.  She loved all of the unique things she and her co anchors learned from the viewers such as stenciling and “pumpkin chunkin.” She said she enjoy going dancing with her buddies from WMBD but rarely got to indulge because of her schedule. She had to resign in 1998 after her father’s sudden passing to help her mother with his businesses because for Bianca family truly comes first.

She now hosts a nationally syndicated radio talk show with her husband Phillip called “Let’s Talk!” and has a Momsite, with more than 10.27 million page hits and counting. She also has a TV website, Bianca is a huge animal rights activist and has been a blogger for over five years. She also has a book on life, love, and parenting coming out in autumn 2016.

Themes of her radio talk show are life, love, and parenting with 90 percent focusing on parenting. She and Phillip were signed for national syndication based on this fact. “Also, because we are a husband/wife team that has already had a vast and loyal audience for numerous years and we have great dynamic chemistry both in real life and on air.  Love and sex topics are always fun; after all, that’s how we became parents,” she said with a chuckle.

Bianca said we live in a difficult time and lots of folks are down about the economy, relationships, health, and the future. “People are starting to believe this is the new norm and Phillip and I want to help others out by giving them tips and informing them on how great life can and should be,” she said. Their show provides inspirational tips as they, too, have been through miserable times in life and have learned how to stay connected to family and friends. They want to help others pick themselves up so they interview experts ranging from parenting specialists to sex therapists who offer advice and information that can empower one’s relationships and life.

Two huge segments of their blog and radio show are called “Bright Spot” and “Being Present.” Bianca writes, blogs, speaks, and has guests on these two particular topics. The Bright Spot is knowing that no matter how bleak life can and will be at times, we should make a conscience choice to practice focusing on something positive. Bianca has had times in life where she could barely afford the dollar menu at McDonalds and has seen the other extreme, being wined and dined literally by royalty and the world’s wealthiest people. No matter where we are in life’s highs or lows we should always focus on the Bright Spot.

Being present in this society is more important now than ever with all of the technological distractions as well as other distractions in life, she said.

“Real, true, and focused time,” she said. “We need to be focused and present in our lives and to our families, especially our children.”

She used the “cell phone swing mom” as an example of how technology and our society is isolating us and distracting us from our children, who should be our treasures. In the example, the child is in the swing at the park smiling and giggling and trying to engage with Mom or Dad. The parents are often focused intently on their cell phone and are missing the experiences and bonding and time that can never be replaced nor bought further down the road.

Bianca’s husband, Phillip, has been in the publishing industry for more than 30 years. She has a 23-year old son who already owns his own business and a 10-year old daughter who is in the top tier of the modeling industry. She models a few times every other month and is a top-notch student in her school.

Bianca and Phillip’s marriage and family remain a priority over all else and the children’s happiness, character, and education are the most important to both parents as well as living a tight-knit family life.  “Every Friday night is pizza, popcorn, and family movie night. I put my hair up in a ponytail, put on my cozy fuzzy socks, and cuddle and hang out with my family. To me, this is bliss,” she said.

Bianca Tyler is a passionate and authentic woman who inspires me and others with her friendship as well as how she lives her life. She is thoughtful and thought provoking and is constantly challenging herself as well as others on how to live a positive and informed life. She has lived a life of extremes and has a lot to teach the world and does! Her time in Peoria was only a few years and yet she made a huge impact while she was here.

Bianca invites readers to friend her on Facebook under Bianca Tyler Mom Radio. We can all learn a lot from Bianca Tyler, who is a Bright Spot in the world.

About the Author
Molly is a life-long Peorian and an author, speaker, and storyteller. She is married to Doug Bishop and has five children and one grandchild. Molly loves history and Peoria and loves to share her passions with anyone she can get to listen to her. She loves to research, interview, and write or speak about history. The youngest and ninth child of Don and Joani Crusen, she grew up on the West Bluff in the house her great grandparents built in the 1880s. She writes a historical column in Woman’s View magazine, and will be writing a column called The Peorian Perspective in The Peorian.