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A look back to Dec. 30 of the past

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As a year draws to a close, it is common to reflect on the passage of time. How history will judge 2016 is not yet known, but this year's anniversaries are woven into the fabric of today.

  • Two hundred years ago, the Supreme Court asserted its right to review state court rulings, and Indiana became our 19th
  • One hundred years ago, the first Indian Day was observed in New York state, and the first Boeing airplane took flight.
  • Fifty years ago, cigarette packs first began bearing health warnings, and Star Trek debuted.  
  • A century ago, the average life expectancy was 54.3 years for a baby girl and 49.6 years for a boy. Now, those figures are over 81 years for girls and 76.4 for boys.

You can find more facts about America from the U.S. Census Bureau online at

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