'The Texter' incites the most road rage, survey reveals

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Most Americans rate texting while driving as the most aggravating driver behavior, according to the 2014 Road Rage Report released Friday by Expedia.com®.

The report is based on results of a survey conducted on Expedia's behalf by Northstar, which asked 1,001 adult Americans to identify the behaviors that are likeliest to elicit road rage, from texting to swerving to speeding and beyond.

With the Memorial Day weekend just ahead, when more than 30 million Americans are likely to take to the roads, courteous and respectful driving behavior will be at a premium.

On the whole, distraction is the most infuriating feature of the American driver, the report said. People who text while driving incur the most anger: 69 percent of Americans rate "The Texter" as the most aggravating driving behavior, followed by "The Tailgater" (60 percent), "The Multi-tasker" (54 percent), "The Drifter" (43 percent) and "The Crawler" (39 percent). 

Nearly 7 in 10 Americans (69 percent) report having been "flipped off" by a fellow motorist, while only 17 percent have admitted to doing so themselves.

"As the unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day sees a huge spike in the number of drivers on the road," saidJohn Morrey, vice president and general manager of Expedia.com. "Expedia rents millions of cars to Americans, so we set out to learn what behaviors on the open road are most welcome, and what behaviors most aggravating. The rule, as with airplanes and hotels, is that shared spaces demand decorum and attentiveness."

The full list of driving behaviors ranked as "most annoying or offensive" includes (percentage identifies behaviors ranked in the top five):

·         The Texter (drivers who text, email or talk on a phone while driving):


·         The Tailgater (drivers who follow others far too closely):


·         The Multi-tasker (applying makeup, eating, reading, etc.):


·         The Drifter (either straddling two lanes or weaving between them):


·         The Crawler (driving well below the speed limit):


·         The Swerver (failing to signal before changing lanes or turning):


·         The Left-Lane Hog (drivers who occupy the passing lane without moving):


·         The Inconsiderate (those who do not let others merge):


·         The Speeder (driving well past the speed limit at length):


·         The Honker (drivers who slam the horn at will):


·         The Unappreciative (drivers who do not give a wave or gesture of thanks):


·         The Red Light Racer (drivers who inch ever closer to the light when red):



A full analysis of Expedia's 2014 Road Rage Report can be found at http://viewfinder.expedia.com/.

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