Rauner pushes for term limits and reforms in State of State address

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Illinois’ governor continues his push for lawmakers to curb the power of powerful politicians through redistricting reform and legislative term limits, and he applauded leaders in the Senate for working toward a compromise package to end the budget logjam.

Using his third State of the State Address in front of lawmakers in Springfield Wednesday, Gov. Bruce Rauner laid out the various accomplishments he said his office achieved. From ethics to hiring and technology reforms, Rauner said big strides have been made. But he’s looking for political reforms from lawmakers, as well.

“Please do the right thing,” he said. “Pass the bills to put term limits and fair maps on the ballot.”

Meanwhile, Rauner said Illinois can’t just raise taxes to fix its problems. Instead, he’s got a goal he’s certain will bring new industries to the state.

“We have the potential to create a technology and innovation center here in Illinois … that can rival Silicon Valley or North Carolina’s research triangle, creating tens of thousands of high-paying jobs,” he said.

Rauner said only with economic growth can Illinois be successful.

“We’ve got to remember: To keep budgets balanced in the future, our rate of economic growth has to be higher than the rate of government spending growth,” he said. “It’s simple math.”

The governor went off script and applauded leaders in the Senate for opening the discussion on the need for economic reforms as part of a balanced budget. Without endorsing the deal, Rauner said lawmakers should keep working together to grow the economy and protect taxpayers.

The Senate has more than a dozen bills that include versions of reforms sought by the governor, along with tax increases.

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