Literarea Review: Celebrating Christopher Hitchens

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In the second issue of The Peorian, I review "Arguably: Essays by Christopher Hitchens". Hitchens is known the world over as a brilliant polemicist with verbal pyrotechnics that have made many a debate opponent crumble. 

If you don't subscribe to the print version of The Peorian, you can read my review online (on page 40):

To get you in the mood for the review and his book, here are a collection of short videos of Hitch at his best:



Laying the Hitchslap down on Sean Hannity, Ralph Reed and Jerry Falwell:



Laying the Hitchslap down on Bill Maher and his audience:

On homosexuality:

On religious "toys":

On why Hitler was not an atheist:

On a National Day of Prayer:

On George Bush and Bill Clinton:

On Bob Dole and Ronald Reagan (1996):







About the Author
A Juilliard-trained writer, Kevin Kizer has fought against numerous world-champion writers during his career, besting the reigning middle weight writing champion in an exhibition bout in Helsinki in 1976. He also played a crucial role on the U.S. gold-medal winning writing team during the 1984 Pan-Am games, where he came off the bench in dramatic fashion to write the winning prepositional phrase just as time expired.