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Oh Sweet Lorraine: A Love Song 75 Years in the Writing

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Sweet Lorraine

These are the types of stories we live for at The Peorian! Earlier this year, Jacob Colgan and Green Shoe Studios in East Peoria held a contest for aspiring singers/songwriters. While they received many submissions via YouTube (as they requested), the most surprising one came in a very large manila envelope via the mail. It was the entry of 96 year-old Fred Stobaugh.

Fred had just written lyrics for a song called “Oh Sweet Lorraine” about his wife of 75 years who had just died recently. Now, Fred admitted to not being a musician and even wrote on the envelope, “P.S. I don’t sing, I would scare people. Ha-ha!” But Jacob was so touched by the lyrics and Fred’s story that he decided to turn the lyrics into a song with the help of other musicians.

He created a short documentary about Fred and recording song. You can hear the song (and see Fred’s reaction) at about 5:50 into the documentary.

"Oh Sweet Lorraine" is available on iTunes and all proceeds go to Fred. So, seriously you guys, go buy the song. You can also view the overall winners of the contest here.

A big Peorian shout out to Jacob Colgan and Green Shoe Studios for making this happen! We are sure somewhere Sweet Lorraine is smiling!

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