Celebrating Fogelberg this weekend

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A concert by the Don Campbell Band, which recently released a two-CD set that was a tribute to Peoria native Dan Fogelberg, will highlight the Fourth Annual Dan Fogelberg Celebration Weekend this Friday and Saturday.

The Campbell Band is from Maine, where Fogelberg lived the last years of his life. The tribute CD set, titled "Kites To Fly," has been nominated Tribute Album of the Year by Independent Music Awards.

It's Campbell's first appearance at the Fogelberg celebration, which is produced by the Fogelberg Foundation of Peoria that was responsible for the Fogelberg Memorial in Riverfront Park.

The concert will be at 7:30 p.m. Saturday at the Scottish Rites Cathedral in downtown Peoria. A reception will follow the concert. Tickets are $35 and can be reserved at www.df.peoria.com.

Earlier on Saturday the Foundation will host a reunion picnic at Riverfront Park at the site of the Dan Fogelberg Memorial.

On Friday the Foundation will host a welcome party at the Cornerstone Building in downtown Peoria. The party will feature other Fogelberg tribute artists from around the country in an acoustic format.

Tickets for the welcome party are $30.

Fogelberg died in 2007 at the age of 56 from advanced prostate cancer.

The Foundation was started by friends who grew up with Fogelberg in Peoria and with the blessing of his widow and his family as a way to fund the celebration and raise money to benefit various charitable organizations while honoring the musical legacy of Dan Fogelberg.

The Fogelberg Foundation of Peoria plans to sponsor events that engage and support fine arts through live performance of music, displaying of art work, or the performance of live theater. Those events also will include information that will assist in creating community awareness of prostate cancer testing and research.

The Foundation will establish a charitable fund that will support fine art projects, accept scholarship/grant requests, and award recipients based upon funds available. It also will maintain and expand the Dan Fogelberg Memorial site at Riverfront Park.