Yes They Said That... Qoutes from Famous Peorians

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Many people have said that Richard Pryor hated his hometown. Yet he made his childhood and early experiences the backbone of his stand-up career. His own words tell how he really felt in his heart:

"When I went back to Peoria [in 1985], it was the first time I'd ever really been back, in a sense, because everything seemed so small, and all the old places were gone. They gave me a key to the city.

Yeah, a little key. It's mine, man. No, you can't have it neither, that belongs to Richard. His people gave it to him, thank you. That meant a whole lot to me. More than I can say."
Richard Pryor (1940-2005) Stand-up comedian, actor and social critic
US Magazine
June 16, 1986

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