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It is quite normal for an app to stop functioning on smartphones. As Netflix is also an application, and people are not being able to access it on iPhone, there is nothing to worry. The problem of ‘Netflix not working on iPhone’ can be solved by taking certain steps:
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Where can I use my Hulu and spotify with Live TV subscription? Hello Friends…
Subscribing Hulu and Spotify in one go can be a big deal for you:

Hulu and Spotify are providing their collaborative subscription at a cheaper rate than the individual one. They are providing discount just as to capture the digital market share. Both companies in their recent press release have revealed this information. The companies said that they are doing this deal for the sake of customers as well as for their own interest. So, if you are in a mood to subscribe to Spotify along with Hulu with ad-supported version, then you have to pay $12.99 from the pocket. If we compare with standalone service, then you are charged $5 a month. If we do break of charges, then you will get Hulu for $7 and Spotify for $9 a month which amounts to $16. For students, there is an amazing offer on subscription. Read more:

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How Can I Use The Parental Controls With HBOGO? Hello friends…

Here I’m sharing some tips to setup parental controls with HBO go:
HBO is a world-renowned platform for having the maximum number of blockbuster movies, documentaries, and special TV series. Where most of the content is meant for an entire family, there is certain content, which if kept away from kids would be better. In order to protect children from profanity, nudity, and gore, parents opt for parental controls.
HBO streamline its content via two of its services, HBO GO and HBO Now. HBO GO is an application that users will have to subscribe to in order to watch their favorite movies, documentaries, and TV shows, etc.
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Find Video On TV Screen With Roku Streaming Player.
What can you do?
You must ensure that your Roku player is connected to the TV. If you have connected the Roku player to TV with AVR, then disconnect it and connect to the TV directly. This will bypass the AVR or soundbar.
First, ensure that TV is turned on and Roku is not in sleep mode. If Roku is in standby mode, then disable it.
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How do you change the input on a Roku TV? The process of setting up antenna TV input on a Roku device is in fact quite easy when you know all the steps. Roku devices are incorporated with an ATSC tuner, which opens up the doors for the device to broadcast channels that comes in the category of ‘over-the-air’ broadcast TV.
Connecting an HDTV antenna may seem like an arduous process, but it’s not. If you know the right steps, then it will take a few minutes or so to complete the process. The first thing that you have to do is connect your HDTV antenna into the right input of the Roku device. Read more…]]> (Blake Jones) Our Favorite Things Sat, 12 May 2018 03:03:29 -0500
How to Activate And Configure HBO GO On Your TiVo Device? Hello Friends...
You will be glad to hear that HBO GO is now available on TiVo device. You just need to configure it once. After this, you can enjoy the content straight-forwardly without any problem. You can watch any movie or show according to your choice of HBOGO activate device.
It is worth mentioning here that HBO doesn’t support all the models of TiVo player. The access is limited to a number of models. If you don’t know whether your device supports HBO or not, you can call at HBO support number.

Now, we are going to share the HBO supported TiVo device list with you. You must check your device in the list, then move further for the setup process.
1. TiVo bolt series.
2. TiVo premiere series.
3. TiVo Mini and Roamio.
]]> (Blake Jones) Our Favorite Things Fri, 11 May 2018 01:30:27 -0500
Here's Quick Guide To Fix Hulu Plus On Vizio TV And Other Popular Brands. Hello Friends…
We are getting complaints from some of Hulu plus users related to a problem in streaming Hulu content on Vizio TV. They have also mentioned their model number on which they are getting the problem. The exact cause of this problem is still not known, and they have tried their best to fix the problem but nothing has worked so far. If you are also getting this problem with your Vizio TV, then keep reading this post. We are going to explain the symptoms and possible troubleshooting steps for the same. Read more…]]> (Blake Jones) Our Favorite Things Wed, 09 May 2018 02:55:42 -0500
Hulu Live TV updated UI which supports more platforms.
Hulu Live TV updated UI which supports more platforms.

In the mid-April, the new UI of Hulu will start coming on all the major OS powered devices like LG, Samsung, and other companies on Which have Launched Their product during 2017. Apart from this, if you are having a problem in getting status for your device, then go to official Hulu site. Read more ...]]> (Blake Jones) Our Favorite Things Mon, 07 May 2018 04:46:10 -0500
Hulu for Android TV now supports Google Assistant.
Hulu for Android TV now supports Google Assistant:

You can now control the functioning of Hulu on Android TV with the help of Google voice assistant. We will discuss this in detail in this post. You must pay close look to this post if you are curious to use this function. Read more…]]> (Blake Jones) Our Favorite Things Thu, 03 May 2018 06:54:05 -0500
Netflix Channel Sharing Your Information With Others? Read more…]]> (Blake Jones) Our Favorite Things Wed, 02 May 2018 04:54:00 -0500 Android Smart Box For TV Things you must know before buying Android TV Box Devices, here we provide the complete information about the Smart TV Top Boxes you should know before buying it.]]> (Smart Tv Box) Our Favorite Things Tue, 24 Apr 2018 06:48:16 -0500 Voice Assistant and Smart Speakers from Roku Coming Out Soon.
Read more: Voice Assistant and Smart Speakers]]> (Blake Jones) Our Favorite Things Tue, 24 Apr 2018 03:55:16 -0500
Android IPTV Box in USA Get IPTV Box Subscription and you will get hundreds of digital television channels, an on-screen, high definition programming, pay-per-view, electronic program guide, (VOD) video on demand, PVR capabilities, and other interactive services all in Android IPTV Box.]]> (Smart Tv Box) Our Favorite Things Sat, 21 Apr 2018 01:25:04 -0500 Get Kodi TV Box in USA]]> (Smart Tv Box) Our Favorite Things Sat, 21 Apr 2018 01:06:12 -0500 How To Get Rid Of PB4 Error From Hulu On Windows 10 And 8.1 OS?
Here, I'm providing you the best solution to fix the PB4 Error:

Hulu fits well on windows 8 and 8.1. This app offers a lot more to users so as to entertain them. However, if they started getting errors on their screen, then nothing can be seen anywhere. In recent complaint forum, some users have mentioned that they have got PB4 error on their Windows 8 and 8.1 OS which has restricted them from watching their favorite shows.

Read more: Fix PB4 Error]]> (Blake Jones) Our Favorite Things Fri, 20 Apr 2018 01:55:34 -0500
Smart TV Top Box Smart TV Top Box
Taking your TV one step beyond smart using your home Wi-Fi! Just simply plug the Smart TV Top Box to your television (TV) and attach it to your wifi and aerial to get a world of entertainment on your big screen. Turn your TV into a Smart TV and stream TV programs for free with IPTV on Smart TV box.]]> (Smart Tv Box) Our Favorite Things Thu, 19 Apr 2018 06:41:32 -0500
How do I stop Chromecast?
I have used Chromecast from my Samsung mobile to watch Youtube. Youtube was still sending to my TV when I turned the Samsung off. Several days later, when I return to that input on my TV it, is still sending stuff from Youtube to my TV and appears to have been doing so continuously. How can I stop it??]]> (janetevans) Our Favorite Things Wed, 18 Apr 2018 00:07:23 -0500
Live Casino Malaysia Live Casino Malaysia
Asiabet33 is a trusted Live Casino in Malaysia that host the latest and trending live casino gambling games. At Asiabet33, we know the priorities of our users get pleasure forming a good casino game and make users feel safe on premium winnings, but to get started, you will require to be a member of our Asiabet33 site. Online Casino Malaysia enables players to play and bet on casino games through the Internet.]]> (asiabet33) Our Favorite Things Tue, 17 Apr 2018 14:13:43 -0500
How to setup Roku with Roku com link code how to setup Roku with Roku com link? In order to setup Roku players (any model) simply follow some easy steps to find Roku com link code. Create Roku com link account and use Roku code to activate your Roku. In case you are unable to activate your Roku then come to us and get guided information about Roku.]]> (Roku Com Link Help) Our Favorite Things Tue, 17 Apr 2018 05:51:55 -0500 Can not access sbcglobal email on tablet or email but can on iPhone?
I recently received an email saying my att email (sbcglobal) and yahoo had separated. I logged on to both att and yahoo and I thought I had done what was required, and now cannot get sbcglobal on laptop or tablet but can on the iPhone.

Anyone else have This problem? Any solution?]]> (natalia simmons) Our Favorite Things Mon, 16 Apr 2018 02:29:00 -0500