Give the gift of reading this year; turn kids into avid readers

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Give the gift of reading this holiday season and turn kids into avid readers by keeping children's books in every room of the home.

The reason for having more books at home is found in a sneak peek of data from the soon to be released Scholastic Kids & Family Reading Report™: 6thEdition from Scholastic , the global children's publishing, education and media company.

The data reveals that children ages 6–17 who are frequent readers – those who read books for fun five to seven days a week – are far more likely to have more books in the home than those who are infrequent readers – children who read books for fun less than one day a week. More than half (52%) of frequent readers have more than 100 books at home while just about three-quarters (73%) of infrequent readers have fewer than 100 books.  The sneak peek also reveals where children's books are found in homes nationwide – as well as top book series suggestions from parents.  

To learn more and download the infographic, "Children's Books in the Home: Every Room Counts," visit:

Other key findings from the upcoming Kids & Family Reading Report™ include:

How many children's books are in the average home?

Where are children's books in the home?

What top children's books do parents recommend?

For even more ideas for holiday shoppers and to help find the right book for every child, Scholastic Reading Club editors created a "top book picks" list for every room in the home and every age group from ages 0-17. The full list is available at All titles are available for purchase via Scholastic Reading Club or the Scholastic Store at

"Our research shows there is a great opportunity to engage children in the power and joy of reading, especially reluctant readers, by rethinking where books reside in the home," says Maggie McGuire, Vice President Scholastic Kids, Parents and Teachers Channels. "Take time this holiday season to tap into the more unlikely places your kids would expect to find books and transform daily routines into moments when kids can read for fun. For instance, in the bathroom you can begin reading aloud during bath time or add a magazine rack for books for older children. Revamp your home office or living room as a 'shared library', as our research shows preteens and teens are more likely to place their books here for leisure time. The ideas are endless."

The Kids & Family Reading Report™ is a biannual report from Scholastic and managed by YouGov ( Results are from a nationally representative survey of 1,675 parents and children including 632 parents of children ages 0-5; 1,043 parents of children ages 6–17, plus one child ages 6–17 from the same household, conducted September 19, 2016 through October 10, 2016. For the full methodology, see

For more information about Scholastic, visit

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