What I Would Tell Our Founding Fathers

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Candle light, horse drawn carriages and no telephone, how could you have foreseen to make rules that could create laws for cars, planes and electronics? For this you have my unending gratitude.

With a quill and an inkwell you created a document that formed the greatest nation on earth. You set up guidelines that shaped the way America is today. With them, we have grown into a strong nation of doers and achievers who are forging a path for the entire world to follow.

With your foresight and big-picture thinking you laid out the goals and guidelines of a government that could very well last for a thousand years or more; a government that had no one ruler and made sure that no one group could seize too much power.

You created three branches of government to deal with all the problems laid out before any nation, without allowing anyone to seize too much power and destroy this nation.

With your Bill of Rights you protected the freedom and individuality of every man, woman and child that lived and lives in this great nation. The people of our nation took this freedom and used it to build good lives for themselves and the people around them.

The possibility to also make more amendments gave us the possibility to grow and develop as a nation in changing times. The state and federal governments exist in near perfect harmony and each can take care of their own affairs in quick and effective ways.

I would like to also thank you for learning from your mistakes, such as realizing that the Articles of Confederation were too weak and then creating something great, the Constitution. I'd like to congratulate you on having the guts to write change, even though it was not a popular decision at the time.

Your efforts to create a strong nation were a success. Today we live in peace and prosperity and thrive as a country. Every problem that has been laid before us has been overcome with the help of the government you created.

Most of all, I want to say thank you for all the hard works and big-picture thinking that made us the way we are today.

God bless America!

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This issue, since it includes President's Day, we feature a commentary by Carsten Boast, an 8th grade student at Germantown Hills Middle School.

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