The Flag in Our Corner

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The Flag in Our Corner

The flag in our corner rates more than a glance,
For all that she stands for was not won by chance.
She's been battered and beaten, discarded and burned,
And the freedom she offers has often been spurned;
Yet she's ready and willing, when winds of war blow,
To proudly unfurl; then her true colors show,
And she brings us together - united we stand
In ribbons of yellow that flow through our Land.
For the flag in our corner does not work alone;
She depends on those willing to fight for their own
And for those on the home front whose loyalties lie
With the men and the women who carry her high.

Though her strengths and her standards will always be tried,
She stands firm on the courage of those who have died,
And of those whose allegiance camouflages the scars
Of battles long fought for the Stars and the Bars,
To insure that our freedom rings hardy and true,
Lest we take her for granted, the Red, White and Blue.

~ Lois J. Funk

Touchstones of the Soul, 1994
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